Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

Monday, June 7, 2010

High Time!

Well, It's high time I wrote another post! My girlfriend writes way more than I do. I am such a slacker. Much has happened since my last post: the most exciting of which is that I made my first sale! Somebody bought 2 of my cards! That's a big $1.12 for me! Well, you have to start somewhere, I guess. To date I have 63 aproved cards in my store that I have created since I set it up back in March. The past 2 months has seen 250 store visits, and 298 card clicks. Whatever that means. I have 14 cards pending, most of them father's day cards. Father's day is in 2 weeks and it takes a week for delivery; so I kind of missed the boat on father's day. A forum inquiry informed me that in order to really capitalize on a holiday card, I should submit them 3 or 4 months in advance to get them into the engine searches. Once again: whatever that means. I mean I know what an engine search is, I just don't know why it takes so long for it to get in there. Anyway, I had one idea for the fourth of July, but it involved calligraphy which I need practice at and a copy of the "Declaration of Independence" which I obtained from Knotts Berry Farm. It's too late for the 4th I guess. I need to work on Halloween.
I'm also trying to do more fairy stuff since that is what sold. I really enjoy that kind of stuff, and will have a blast doing Halloween cards too!
I also have been taking advantage of Spring and taking a lot of flower pictures I'm not sure what to do with. They could make good anniversary cards, birthday cards, sympathy cards. What I really want to do is get some kind of lightweight graphic design program that I can put on this little notebook computer so I can add text to my images from it. I have photoshop and Illustrator on my desktop computer at home but I don't like to work at home.
Now I need to learn how to promote my store. I stumbleupon, share on facebook, twitter, and connect my blog but it's not enough.

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