Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Blue Blog?

This then is the premier posting of my newest blog. Unlike my blue heaven ,which is a mix of art, and fiction writing or my blue heaven at open salon, which is primarily political cartoons; this one will be dedicated to the creation of greeting cards at blue dragon. Since the focus on these greeting cards is turning toward recovery (12 step programs) I will also be talking about that. The purpose is to appeal to people interested in recovery as well as the thought that goes into making my greeting cards. I'm going to be honest; it is recommended that to be successful in online businesses, blogging about your business and things related to it can boost your business. So that's what I'm after. I will try to make sure that there are easy links to my other blogs here and elsewhere so that everything is connected. I'm trying for connectivity plus segregation. I don't want to insult people interested in recovery with my political cartoons, and I want people who want to read my writing to be able to do so without wading through a lot of others stuff. (By the way, I'm also posting my writing at: WEbook, where I hope to submit it for publication.
The above picture was painted a few years back, before I got sober actually. It was created on the balcony of the apartment where I was living with my girlfriend. We moved the TV out there so we could smoke cigarettes and whatever else while watching movies we rented. We basically lived on the balcony rain or shine; warm weather or cold. It was actually pretty cool, because she had a lot of plants out there and it was beautiful most of the time. Now that image is available as a mother's day card as well as in my general collection. It will also be available as a recovery card. At first, I wanted to have each card have a unique image and greeting, but they actually recommend using the same image multiple times... again; more exposure.
I'm nervous about talking about recovery in an open forum, and I realize that I haven't really talked about it yet. There is the added possibility that something I say might help someone else who is struggling. That would make it worth it to me. It's funny, I wasn't embarrassed when I was "out there" using, why am I wary of talking about being sober? I've been sober for 5 years now and it's possible that I have something useful to share. I hope you get something out of it.


  1. EXgirlfriend... *cough cough* EXgirlfriend :P

    I love blue blogs :D

  2. Yes exgirlfriend. The name Rose appears frequently in my new blog! : )
    (these emodicons have their own feel in times/roman don't they?)